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Hey ducklings,

I got my results back after having to wear a holter monitor for 24 hours (essentially a little machine that records every little thing my heart does). 

Unfortunately it's not good news. 

According to the results, I have Premature Atrial Contractions (PAC) where the valves in my heart beat out of order, which isn't a huge deal because it doesn't always manifest symptoms and some people go their entire lives unaware that they have it. Essentially there are little electric pulses in my atria that spasm and tell the main node that controls the heartbeat to beat before it needs to, which syncs my heat out of rhythm. It's not a huge deal and my heart can handle itself, and many people never do anything about it.

But the bad part that causes concern (which makes the PAC more worrisome when combined with it) is that I also have Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia (PAT), where my heart was recorded racing at over 120 beats per minutes (when the normal range is 60 - 100bpm) and then it slows down very hard like it's trying to put on the brakes.

It means my heart doesn't have the time between beats to fill with blood before it's pumping again, which means my oxygen levels in my blood and brain go crazy during these moments. With the monitor it was revealed that it clearly happens when I'm both awake AND asleep, which means I'm having FAR more episodes than I'm aware of. PAT causes dizziness and fainting which is what my initial health post was about, though it doesn't explain some of my other symptoms like eye pain, stress/anxiety, and memory loss. So we're still following up with neurology in mid January to see if there are any brain problems that connect to this - especially because whenever I get supremely stressed, more than normal fainting levels, my entire body starts shaking uncontrollably to the point where my words start jittering like I'm on a bumpy road in a car. 

In order to treat the PAT, they would have to cut out and/or cauterize a piece of my heart with a thin tube to fix the part of my heart that's sending the signals to my heart that it needs to beat quickly. The other option is to put me on an epipen style of medication that I would have to use for every single episode that would forcibly slow down my heart. But I wouldn't be able to use it during the night, which means I'd still be waking up with migraines every morning.

They also want me to do a sleep study because they're afraid of sleep apnea, because I might not be breathing in my sleep (I did this as a child) and my blood and brain might not be getting enough oxygen during the night.

Overall with PAC and PAT combined, my heart is working triple time, and the potential of something else happening because of the wear and tear and the stress increases as time goes on. So we're on a time crunch right now. I'm not sure what our full next steps are because we're waiting on the sleep study and the neurology appointment, but we're doing a more inclusive follow up before the sleep study. So hopefully we can answer some more questions. 

This is a really scary time for me, and while I'm happy that I may have finally found a job (I have an interview tomorrow and another next Tuesday for two amazing places) everything else is much. 

I don't have many followers, I know that. But if you're reading this, please keep me in your thoughts. Things just seem to get worse and worse. 
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College nerd with way too much time on my hands. Totally harmless and way too eager to talk to people. I upload art sometimes. Mostly just stalk my favorite artists and swoon.



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